Athlete Spotlight Series 001

Comeback Legend - Marcin Stanglewicz

Happy Monday! We are very excited to be kicking off the LEVER Athlete Spotlight Series with an insider look at an up and coming (& Comeback Legend) triathlete. Meet Marcin Stanglewicz (IG: @stangielos)! Marcin is a very impressive Polish Junior triathlete who has finished 4th at the Junior European Cup and has big long term goals in triathlon.

Over the last 12 months, Marcin has been struggling with a constant cycle of injuries. He felt that this cycle would never end - a feeling he said was common amongst his peers. He thought that this feeling of defeat by an injury was actually much worse than the physical injury itself and worried that he would not be able to escape from the injury cycle for the rest of his athletic career. However, Marcin shared with us that he has big plans for the sport of triathlon and his plans that are far too big to accept premature defeat. Marcin was able to break free of this injury cycle and that’s why we are featuring him as our first Comeback Legend.

After experiencing eight months of recurring stress fractures and achilles inflammation each time he increased his training load, Marcin knew something has to change. He decided to take action and started incorporating the LEVER LV1 into his weekly training. Marcin has now been using his LEVER device for 4 months and has incorporated the body weight support technology found in the LV1 into his weekly running plan.

At first, Marcin did all of his runs on the LEVER to provide maximum weight reducing relief to his lower limbs. He ran these first few weeks at 80% of his body weight as he pushed through his injury cycle. As Marcin gained strength he began to incorporate runs outside with runs inside on the LEVER. The body weight support allowed him to effectively build his mileage up, but with less risk of falling back into an injury cycle. With the support of the LV1, Marcin not only completed the triathlon he was targeting, but he won it! A true Comeback Legend. Marcin continues to use his LEVER device for two runs each week to stay consistent and further build his aerobic engine. Marcin now has a new running goal run sub 14:45 for 5000m.

We at LEVER are very proud of Marcin and we are glad he chose us to support his ambitious triathlon goals! We believe Marcin will easily accomplish his goals through this year and many years to come. The setbacks he experienced over the last 12 months will soon be a distant memory.

Are you in the hurt locker? If so, don’t accept defeat. Experience freedom from this cycle and let us know how we can support you!

The LEVER Running Team