Frequently asked questions

What is LEVER Running?

LEVER Running is a community of athletes that are pushing the boundaries of fitness. By spending less time on the injury sidelines, LEVER Running athletes are unlocking their true potential, setting records, and always Racing to WIN.

Why should I run with a LEVER Package?

LR Athletes use their LEVER Packages to: 1) Increase fitness by increasing weekly mileage 2) Recover post-injury 3) Work on speed and turnover 4) Stay healthy 5) Recover from hard workouts

How much bodyweight can I take off using the LEVER system?

Currently, the LV1 has a 45 pound maximum weight take-off limit.

What treadmills work best with the LEVER system?

LEVER works with a broad range of treadmills. Nordictrack, Peloton, Sole, and Proform, are just some of the treadmills we work great with. As of March 2021, we are proud to announce we now work with the Woodway 4Front treadmill! Check out our Woodway adapters on our shop.

What is the LEVER LV1 Package?

The LV1 package is a continuously evolving body weight support device from LEVER. It is a novel bodyweight support device that is designed for use with standard home and commercial treadmills. The LV1 system uses a tensioning cam system and elastic cord to reduce weight on its users.

How do you set up the LV1?

The LV1 takes about 2-3 minutes to assemble/disassemble. Please see our how-to video for more information on how to set up your LV1.

Does Body Weight Support help in Injury Recovery?

Yes! See the video below-

What are the Performance Benefits of BWS?

A new era of training is here! Watch the video below-