LEVER was founded to bring a new era to endurance training. Endurance athletes around the globe want to stay healthy, race faster, and get a (legal) leg up on the competition. The LEVER Running community has found that edge through our patent pending technology.  LEVER LV1 users train and recover at a lower bodyweight while exercising on a treadmill. This incredibly valuable functionality is available to the community in many shapes and costs, but at LEVER Running, our commitment is to provide this functionality at a fraction of the traditional cost. No longer is body weight support limited to physical therapy clinics and research universities due to cost or portability. LEVER Running is a true game-changer.  

LEVER was founded in 2019 in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A., and it's from this city that all LEVER units are designed, manufactured, and distributed. We are heavily committed to continuous improvement and to the athlete community. We'd love to partner with you!